An open-air hot-spring bath all to yourself in your room.

Treat yourself to a space of your own-each of our 28 rooms has its own open-air hot-spring bath


Our resort makes the most of its natural surroundings, and of the area's traditional Japanese culture.

Set next to a river, our Ryokan offers natural hot-springs with views of a beautiful Teien-style Japanese garden. The meals we serve incorporate a variety of seasonal ingredients. We're sure you will enjoy your experience and fall in love with the atmosphere and the flavors that are only to be found here.

What's more, we respect your desire for privacy.

All of the rooms have their own natural hot-spring baths. Cozy in your room, you can relax with your family or just by yourself. We hope you'll have a memorable experience of Japan at our quiet Ryokan in the heart of nature.

Natural Hot-springs

Open-air hot-spring baths with views of a Teien-style Japanese garden

A long time ago, in around 1624, people began to make frequent use of the hot-springs in this area. These hot springs quickly gained a good reputation and a popular hot-spring resort was built that attracted visitors from far away. The hot water here contains a variety of minerals that help to warm your body and keep you feeling relaxed even after getting out of the bath. Along with an open-air hot-spring bath that is separated into sections for men and women and has a view of our traditional Japanese garden in the Teien-style, every room has a natural hot-spring bath.

Types and Effects

Bath hours
24 hours a day
Bath types
sodium, sulfate, chloride spring
Beneficial effects
relieves nerve pain, joint pain, chronic enteropathy, chronic feminine ailments
Open-air bath size
170 centimeters wide, 120 centimeters long and 60 centimeters deep
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Guest Rooms

An open-air hot-spring bath all to yourself in your room.

We offer an open-air hot-spring bath in each room because we would like you to fully enjoy the Japanese hot-spring experience. Unlike a communal bath, it is a place solely for you. From your private bath, you can not only see the river, the woods, the sky and the clouds, but also hear the wind and the birds singing.

4Types of Rooms

*All the rooms are approximately 35 square meters (47 square meters including the balcony).Ryokan in the heart of nature.

Room Type-A

Twin beds, a Japanese tatami room, an open-air hot-spring bath formed from rock, a balcony

Layout of Room-A

Room Type-B

Twin beds, a Japanese tatami room, an open-air box-type hot-spring bath formed from stone, a balcony, a massage chair

Layout of Room-B

Room Type-C

Twin beds, a Japanese tatami room, an open-air ceramic hot-spring bath, a balcony

Layout of Room-C

Room Type-D

Twin beds, a half-duplex type a Japanese tatami room, an open-air ceramic hot-spring bath, a balcony

Layout of Room-D

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Price List

Available Date Type A Type B Type C Type D
Weekdays 31,320 yen 28,080 yen 30,240 yen 29,160 yen 26,460 yen 30,240 yen 27,540 yen
Weekends and holidays 35,640 yen 32,400 yen 34,560 yen 33,480 yen 30,780 yen 34,560 yen 31,860 yen
2 adults
per room
3 adults
per room
2 adults
per room
2 adults
per room
3 adults
per room
2 adults
per room
3 adults
per room

* Prices are per person.
* Two meals (dinner and breakfast) are included.
* The following cards are accepted: VISA, JCB, Master, AMEX, DINERS, UFJ, SAISON and Debit cards.
* We unfortunately do not accept reservations for children of elementary school age and below.


Each of Japan's four distinct seasons produces a range of different vegetables and fish. Accordingly, we change our menu season by season, always offering something delicious and typically Japanese from Iwate Prefecture. We ask that you eat in our dining room, rather than in your own room, but you can enjoy a meal without being self-conscious as each table is its own private compartment.

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How To Enjoy Shidate

Check in is from 3:00 p.m.

On your arrival at Yusen sidate, put your bags down and have a rest in your room before heading to the natural hot spring in our Ryokan. There, let the mineral-rich hot water wash the weariness of your journey away. Once out of the bath, change into the Japanese yukata waiting for you in your room and relax.

Throughout our Ryokan, you will find large windows and comfortable chairs from which you can take in the views of Japanese mountains and rivers. You can pass your time there however you like. The views vary depending on the season, from the fresh green of summer and the multi-colored leaves of autumn to the snow scenes of winter.

At dinner time, please head to our dining room. We offer seasonal Japanese cuisine using vegetables, fish and meat produced in Iwate Prefecture.

All the rooms have twin beds. We wish you a good night's sleep. There is also a bath in every room for you to enjoy.

As you wake up to the sound of the river and the birds singing, we are already preparing your breakfast for you, served in the same dining room as at dinner. You can have a Japanese-style breakfast from 7:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.

Check out is at 11:30 a.m.

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Free Shuttle Bus

Cultural assets in Hiraizumi

Hiraizumi, a town in Iwate Prefecture, Japan, is now bidding to become a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2011.
Yusen Shidate, a ryokan (a traditional Japanese hotel), is a good base for tourism not only in Hiraizumi but also in other areas of Iwate Prefecture, as well as the rest of northeastern Japan.

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